Saltwater Kayak Fishing in Louisiana

Inshore saltwater kayak fishing at its best.

Our Guided Trips

Spend some time in the beautiful marshes of Louisiana targeting the three saltwater species Louisiana is best known for.

 Redfish – Speckled Trout – Flounder 


When choosing a kayak fishing guide please do your homework.  Beware of businesses (big and small) rewording content found on this website.  Those who copy and paste may not know what they are doing.  Inexperience and hazardous conditions take the lives of many kayak anglers each year.

After a little time on the water our clients get comfortable and the “guided trip” horror stories begin.  It’s sad to hear so many people not receiving what they thought they were paying for with other guides.

We want to be clear about some things…

  • You’re NOT funding our guide’s fishing trip!
    We don’t fish during your fishing trip unless you invite us to do so.  You are paying us to help you catch fish and that’s what we do. However, we will join you if we’re staying out past our time slot to take advantage of a hot bite.
  • We WON’T double book your trip!
    If there’s a stranger present, you brought them.
  • Our trip times AREN’T at a set time!
    Moving water is REQUIRED along the coast for fish to bite.  The timing of it’s movement is different every day and it begins moving at different times for different locations.  
  • You WON’T be left to figure things out on your own!
    We stick with you and look for signs of fish and environmental changes you may miss.  Then let you know where the fish is or what to do differently.
  • Our trips AREN’T timed.
    If we’re on a hot bite at the four or six hour mark, and you’re not ready to go, we’re not leaving feeding fish!  If we’ve caught our limit, we’ll practice catch and release a bit longer.
  • We WILL clean your catch at the end of the trip and there’s NO additional charge.  
    Unless you wish to practice cleaning fish, we will be cleaning those you decide to keep. 

After a long drive
do you really want to take the chance of not catching fish?

Leave all the work to us and we’ll eliminate the horrible experience. 

Inshore kayak Fishing

Are you looking to experience the type of action Louisiana is known for?

One fish trips aren’t an acceptable standard for us, and it shouldn’t be for you either!

Redfish, speckled trout, and flounder occupy the marshes and bays along the coast, moving through different areas throughout the year.  We stay on top of their movements and take you where they are.

No experience? No problem!  With such a large service area and years of fishing experience we’re able to accommodate anglers with different kayak and fishing skills.  This includes families wanting to fish from a kayak.

Hard pulling fish, fast action, and multiple limits is what Louisiana is known for.  Come experience Louisiana from the seat of a kayak!

* Children 10 years of age and older.

What’s Included?
  • Fully rigged kayak geared for inshore fishing
  • Safety items required by state law
  • spinning rod and reel, terminal tackle, and bait or lures
  • Cold water, sports drinks, and Ice
  • Dry storage for your belongings
  • Chilled storage for your catch
  • Your catch cleaned and packaged
  • High quality photos and video of your trip

*Anglers wanting to bring their own gear/lures/kayak may do so.  We will provide a list of suggested items if so.

Inshore Kayak Fishing Rates

3/4 Day – 6hrs 

Winter Rates Thru 2/28/18

1 or 2 anglers – $425  $375
3rd angler – $150  $100

1/2 Day – 4hrs

Available 3/1/18
1 angler – $195
2nd angler – $150

I’m ready for the marsh!

Cancellation Policy – All monies paid in advance for a reservation will be returned to you should you cancel your trip 14 days prior to the start of your scheduled trip. A gift certificate (good for 6 months) will be issued for cancellations made within 14 days of a scheduled trip. “No shows” forfeit all monies.

Bad Weather Policy – Unless you hear otherwise from us, your guide will be at the launch location at your reserved time. Each guide has access to up to the minute weather radar and watches the weather carefully.  Should threatening weather (lightning, high waves, high winds, etc.) force us to cancel the trip (decision made by your guide), every attempt will be made to give you priority when rescheduling. If you cannot reschedule, your deposit is good for a 6 months. After such time, the deposit is forfeited. Please allow up to 72 hours for refunds to be issued.


A word from a few clients
saltwater kayak fishing

“Fish on…man, that was fun!”

Drew Gregory 
Kayak Fishing Pro, Hooked on Wild Waters

saltwater kayak fishing

“We knew we were in good hands from the start.  Tray was great at figuring out when we needed his assistance and when to let us go at it alone.It was a thrill catching redfish in shallow water.We are looking for our next opportunity to get down to Louisiana.”

Memphis, TN

saltwater kayak fishing

“Tray was there ahead of us both mornings.  He had the kayaks out and ready to go.  From the start it was a smooth experience.  Not only did he put us on redfish and offer advice freely, he was pleasant company.  I will certainly be in touch for another trip.”

Little Rock, AR

If you find someone to take you kayak fishing for a really low price, you need to question what you’re getting.
Most low-priced kayak fishing trips are really overpriced kayak rentals.