Kayak Fishing Louisiana

Kayak Fishing Louisiana – fishing the marshes, bayous, and bays.

Louisiana Kayak Fishing

Where We Fish

Most people wanting to fish Louisiana has heard about the fishing in Venice or Pointe Aux Chenes.  Even though we fish one of the two locations, I’m going to let you in on something…

The best fishing in Louisiana isn’t isolated to a few spots.  There’s just way too much water here.  

Figuring out where to go fishing in Louisiana is like putting a puzzle together.  There are many small pieces, dependent on each other, which need to line up just right.

Allow us to construct the puzzle, from the edges to the center, and we’ll put you where you need to be.  

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kayak fishing louisiana

There are many places well off the beaten path; around and between the few places listed.  Operating over such a vast area allows us to help you chase your dream. 

The areas highlighted below are a few places within our service area.  

Lake Calcasieu and its tributaries


At 27 miles long and a ship channel 40′ deep running the length of the lake, just about anything can be found in Lake Calcasieu.  With such a vast area, redfish, speckled trout, and flounder perform seasonal migrations throughout the lake.

Lake C is Louisiana’s trophy speckled trout destination, with trout in the 8-9lb class caught often, 5-6lb fish caught regularly, and 14-18″ eater-size trout swimming in large schools.

BUT, speckled trout isn’t all this lake has to offer.  Large schools of redfish, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead occupy the lake and its tributaries.  The abundance of baitfish, crabs, and shrimp allow these predators to grow large in size and provide plenty fight.

Being such a large water-body, with bayous branching off of it, you never know what you may hook into in Lake Calcasieu.

Weeks, VERMILION, and West cote blanche Bays


A short drive from Lafayette, LA are the bays of south Louisiana known for good numbers of quality speckled trout.  These bays are speckled trout hotspots under the right conditions.  When all things align, long stringers of quality speckled trout are to be had.

Speckled trout are the primary target in these bays, but isolated areas with aggressive redfish do exist.  Flounder are usually on the smaller side in these areas.

Bay fishing take place in open water while fishing submerged targets holding fish.  Fast action is what bay fishing is all about.  If fast paced speckled trout fishing ranks higher in priority than a scenic paddle, this is your destination.

Trips We Offer

Areas South of Houma, LA


From New Orleans, world class fishing is closer than most think. The locations that we fish south of Houma, LA are only 60 to 90 minutes from Louis Armstrong Airport.

The backwaters of Dularge, Dulac, Cocodrie, Chauvin, and Pointe Aux Chene are where we find clearer water than what’s usually found in Louisiana.  These areas are mostly known for quality redfish that are year round residents.

Quality speckled trout and flounder can also be found, but aren’t as plentiful as their smaller sized

These marsh areas are perfect for fly and conventional geared anglers looking to sight-fish.