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If it were possible to stretch out Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, they would equal 179.2 million football fields in length. 

The average inshore saltwater angler fishing Louisiana from a kayak covers a distance of one hundred football fields, while encountering tides, winds, waves, and current.

Which hundred of the 179 million
will you fish?

With ever changing conditions of the marshes and bays, weekends don’t provide enough time to figure it all out.  


Checking with local fishing clubs, searching local forums, and watching YouTube videos for clues of great fishing holes just don’t work anymore.  

The problem with locating fishing spots online is the number of other kayak AND BOAT anglers deciding between the six places you all have found.  

What’s really been found are community fishing holes, places where everyone shares fish and goes home with one fish or empty handed. 

Online platforms are great for finding tips on fishing tackle, rods, rigs, and baits – but not so for fishing spots or knowing how to do something, if you learn best while doing.

louisiana inshore fishing

You’re looking for a guide because you either want to catch a lot of fish, want to learn, or both.

So, the real question is…

Are you ready to experience the best inshore fishing Louisiana has to offer?

 Averaging 200+ days on the water since 2009, access to more than 20 public and private launch sites, and a service area spanning across 200 miles of Louisiana coastline…we know just where you need to be on any given day.

We take our clients where the fish are!

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